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Tax-Efficient Investment Strategies

Focused On Minimizing Your Tax Obligations Year-Round

Taxes Are the Biggest Expense In Managing Your Portfolio 

We understand it is what you keep after income taxes that counts - not what you make. To help you keep more of what you earn we utilize income tax saving strategies.

Tax-Efficient Asset Location

Allocating assets across various accounts- taxable, tax-deferred and tax-free- to be more tax-efficient.


Direct Indexing with Tax- Loss Harvesting

An enhanced equity index strategy that matches an index's performance on a pre-tax basis and through tax-loss harvesting outperforms on an after-tax basis 

Concentrated Stock Strategies

Strategies to diversify a concentrated stock position while reducing the amount of income taxes on the sale.


Private Placement Variable Annuity

A PPVA is a low-cost investment only vehicle that defers income taxes on your investment gains until the money is withdrawn.

Trust Tax Situs

A smart way to reduce your income taxes on a trust is to transfer it to a situs with no state income taxes such as South Dakota and Delaware.

Tax-Efficient Distribution Strategies 

Your strategy for withdrawing your retirement assets is as important as your strategy for accumulating them 

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